You’re at the exciting stage of registering a domain for your business or personal project in Malta, and now you’re wondering if you should opt for a .com or a .mt domain? This article will walk you through the pros and cons of both options, helping you make an informed decision between .com vs .mt.

Understanding the Audience .com and .mt Reach 

So, .com is a global domain, catering to a diverse audience stretching from New York to Tokyo. It’s suitable for any online business with aspirations beyond geographical boundaries. A .com domain sends the message that your digital presence is open for business on a global scale, like a 24/7 international marketplace. 

On the other side, .mt is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD), specifically associated with Malta. This domain suggests that your content is tailored for a Maltese audience, inviting locals to engage with your content. 

If your aim is to reach an international audience, .com might be the ideal choice. However, if your focus is solely on Malta, .mt could be the key to your online success. 

Pro Tip: You can also register if you want to use the advantage of both domains and indicate that you are a commercial entity or doing business in Malta. (Hopefully, this won’t make the decision even harder.) 

Domain Availability: A Challenge for .com or .mt? 

The popularity of certain domain extensions can affect their availability. As .com is the original pioneer of the domain world, it is highly sought after. And that means that finding an available .com domain that perfectly aligns with your brand or business name might pose a challenge. 

The .mt TLD is more niche and launched not too ago, meaning many .mt domain names are still available. Explore .mt domain availability now to see if your desired extension is up for registration: 

.com vs .mt SEO 

In terms of search engine optimisation (SEO), the popularity of .com doesn’t provide a specific advantage or disadvantage. Your website’s ranking on search engines ultimately depends on your content. 

However, the .mt being a ccTLD suggests to search engines that your website is particularly relevant to users in Malta. If your primary audience is in Malta, having a .mt domain might enhance your visibility in local searches (local SEO). 

Price Comparison Between .com and .mt 

When it comes to the price tag of .com and .mt domains, they fall within similar price ranges. At OnlyDomains, you can register your .com domain at €9.99/ year renewing at €13.99/ year. In comparison, you can secure your .mt domain starting at €61.90 in the first year of registration, renewing at €66.90/year. 

Are There Any Special Requirements for .com or .mt Registration? 

The .com domain is open for registration by anyone worldwide. It’s like a universal party that everyone is invited to. However, due to its popularity, the domain name you desire might already be taken, so rather check the availability of your .com domain name sooner than later. 

In the .mt domain, registration is more restricted. To secure a .mt domain, you need to have a connection to Malta, either through being a registered business or organisation in Malta or being a Maltese resident. 

.com vs .mt: Let’s Sum It Up 

  .com  .mt
Registration Eligibility  Open to everyone  Restricted
Target Audience Global popularity Maltese market 
Availability  Lower chances your preferred domain is available  Higher chances your preferred domain is available 
Credibility Well-known across the globe Highly trusted in Malta 
Registration Fee (in EUR) €9.99/yr €61.90/yr

In conclusion, the decision between .com and .mt for your new domain hinges on your specific needs. Opting for a .com means opening your digital doors to the entire world while choosing .mt proudly aligns you with Malta. The choice is yours to make. 

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