So, you’re located in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and on a quest to get that perfect domain name. Unfortunately, can’t decide between going global with a .com, or keeping it local with a .sa extension. That’s where we can help!  

There’s a fair few things to consider when making this choice. It’s like deciding between milk chocolate or dark chocolate, each comes with its own blend of pros and cons and by the end of this article, you should be equipped with enough knowledge to make your decision.

Enough talking, let’s find out what’s better between .com vs .sa.

What Audiences Do .com And .sa Reach?  

Having a .com or a .sa domain can significantly affect who finds you on the World Wide Web.  

The .com domain is known as a top-level generic domain (gTLD) for commercial entities. These three letters after your website’s name work like a global positioning beacon, making your site visible, not just to your neighbour, but to anyone anywhere around the globe (provided they have an internet connection, of course). But one thing to have in mind is that it’s quite saturated. So, bagging the .com domain name of your choice might be challenging. 

If you are aiming to establish your presence in the Saudi Arabian business landscape, a .sa domain is your magic carpet. Not only will this country code top-level domain (ccTLD) make you more visible to the local internet users, it can also act as a badge of your commitment to serving the Saudi Arabian market. But remember, while it’s a perfect tool for capturing local traffic, your potential reach is geographically limited. It may not be the best fit if your aim is to conquer the global sphere.  

Is Domain Availability Going To Be A Problem For .com Or .sa?   

Now, here’s the crunch. You may have found your perfect domain name only to find out it isn’t available. In the domain world, availability can be a bitter pill to swallow. Due to high demand, finding an available .com domain can be challenging. On the other hand, .sa while not as universally sought after, could offer better odds for specific domain name availability. 

See if your domain name is available with a quick .sa domain search: 

.com vs .sa SEO 

Search engines aim to enhance user experience by offering localised search results. So if you’re in Saudi Arabia searching for a new shirt, you would want to see results from local businesses that cater to the Saudi market rather than listings from companies based in the United States rights? Foreign retailers might for example not provide prices in SAR or even offer shipping to your country.  

Opting for a .com domain for your website doesn’t provide advantages in search engines like Google. Neither does it do any harm. This is because the .com extension is generic and lacks a specific target country. 

What About Price Differences Between .com And .sa? 

When it comes to the price tag of .com and .sa domains, however, there is a drastic difference. You can register your .com domain at SR 40.99, renewing at SR 50.90/ year. In comparison, you can get your local .sa domain starting at SR 1246.00 in the first year of registration, renewing at SR 1358.00/ year. Which sounds like a lot at first, but a local domain can really turn out as a long-term investment in your business. 

So, why .sa? 

  • Localisation: Unmistakably Saudi, .sa helps you connect better with your Saudi audience. 
  • Niche Appeal: It’s somewhat of an exclusive club. Being part of it gives your website a distinctive appeal and helps you stand out from the crowd. 
  • Availability: Finding an available .sa domain is usually easier than .com. You’re likely to get your first choice here. 

Do .com or .sa have any special requirements?   

Registering a .com domain is as easy as picking out a new pair of trainers from your favourite online store. .com can be used by anyone, anywhere and all you need to do to get it is put your desired domain name into your shopping cart and follow the check-out process. 

Getting a .sa domain on the other hand is not quite as simple. You need a local presence in Saudi Arabia to register. If you live abroad, you’ll need to either have a company incorporated or hold a trademark in Saudi Arabia. Plus, you gotta have a local point of contact who can register the domain name on your behalf. 

.com vs .sa: The Bottom Line 

  .com  .sa 
Registration Eligibility  Open to everyone  Local presence required 
Trust  Popular & recognised globally  Trust symbol in the Saudi Arabian market 
Availability  Lower chances your preferred domain is available  Higher chances your preferred domain is available 
Helps You Target  Global customers  Local customers 
No SEO Advantage  Helps your local SEO efforts 
Registration Fee SR 40.99/yr  SR 1246.00/yr  

And there we are, face-to-face with the grand dispute, .com or .sa? Only you can decide which one will be your new domain. But if you’re still torn between the two, maybe it is a sign that you should just get both. 

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