If you’re navigating the realm of domain registration in Israel, you might be grappling with the decision between a .com and a .co.il domain. While .com is the most popular domain extension on the planet, .co.il is the official country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Israeli market.

Choosing the right domain extension is crucial, especially if you’re establishing an online presence for the first time. Let’s delve into the nuances of each and find out which domain between .com vs .co.il will better fit your needs.

Target Audiences of .com and .co.il

On one side, you have the ubiquitous .com extension. As a generic top-level domain (gTLD), it transcends borders and is widely used for pretty much any purpose globally. On the other hand, there’s the .co.il domain, representing Israel and catering to a local audience.

So, if your goal is to capture a global audience without geographical constraints, .com is your go-to option. It provides flexibility and reach beyond Israel, allowing you to connect with users worldwide. However, if your primary focus is on the Israeli market, the local credibility and trust associated with .co.il might be exactly what you are looking for to kick-start your website.

Domain Availability

Domain availability is a crucial factor to consider. As of now, there are approximately 162 million registered .com domains globally, dwarfing the roughly 270,000 registered .co.il domains. The contrast in numbers highlights the global popularity of .com compared to the more localised reach of .co.il.

If securing the exact match of your brand name as your domain is a top priority, .co.il might be a more feasible option. The lower number of registered domains translates to higher availability and a better chance of obtaining your preferred domain name.

.com vs .co.il SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical aspect of online visibility. Search engines, including Google, prioritise localised results for a better user experience. If your target audience is primarily in Israel, a .co.il domain can offer SEO benefits within Israeli search engine results.

In contrast, a .com domain name lacks the geographical specificity that can contribute to enhanced local SEO. While it won’t have any negative impact on your search ranking, it might not provide the same SEO advantages within Israel.

Price Comparison

Pricing is a practical consideration for domain registration. Typically, .co.il domains may have a higher registration cost compared to .com domains. At OnlyDomains, you can register a .co.il domain name starting at ₪90.90 in the first year of registration, renewing at ₪180.00/ year. A .com domain can be yours for ₪39.99 in the first year, renewing at ₪54.90/ year.

But before you let the price alone determine which domain extension to choose, weigh the budgetary aspects alongside the benefits of each domain. In some cases, it even makes sense to register your business name under more than one top-level domain. Find out if your business needs more than one domain in our blog article on the topic.

Domain Requirements

Registering a .com domain is relatively straightforward, requiring standard contact details. Pick a domain provider (obviously we recommend OnlyDomains) and follow the check-out process. It’s like shopping for a new pair of shoes.

In contrast, .co.il domains have specific requirements. The .co.il domain extension is specifically designated for registration by commercial entities and e-commerce websites. If you are a non-profit company, you may want to choose .org.il instead.

Your chosen domain name must not only be unique but also comply with all the .il domain registration requirements stipulated by the Israel Internet Association (ISOC). Meeting ISOC criteria involves ensuring that your domain name excludes special characters, spaces, and hyphens. Read more on how to register a .co.il domain name on our blog or at en.isoc.org.il/il-cctld/how-to-register-a-il-domain.

So, Should You Pick .com or .co.il?

Let’s summarise the key points of both domain extensions for you:

.com .co.il
Registration Eligibility Open to everyone Registration requirements by ISOC
Target Audience Global reach Israeli market
Availability Lower chance your domain is available Higher chances your domain is available
Credibility Well-known across the globe Well-known in Israel
Registration Fee (in ILS) ₪39.99/yr ₪90.90/yr

Ultimately, the question isn’t “Is .com or .co.il better?” but “Which domain aligns with my goals?” Whether you opt for the global .com, the local .co.il , or a strategic combination of both, your domain choice is a pivotal step in shaping your online presence.

Long story short: If you’re a for-profit business in Israel, you’ll want to register a .co.il domain. If you are about to conquer the global market, a .com domain is a safe bet.

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