As we say goodbye to another eventful year, we can’t help but look back on 2023. For OnlyDomains, this year was a year of growth, connection, and celebration. Join us on a little trip down memory lane – from the expansion of our product offering to a fun team reunion in Krakow.

We Have Launched Business Email!

One of the highlights of the year was undoubtedly the successful launch of Business Email. Communication is at the heart of any thriving business, and we know how important a professional and reliable email service is to you. That’s why we worked on an add-on service for your domains to suit your needs and introduced Business Email, powered by Titan.

What Else?

In a digital world, face-to-face connections are invaluable. This year, our global team had the opportunity to gather in the beautiful city of Krakow. We took a chance for our diverse teams to share ideas, collaborate on future projects, and strengthen the bonds that make OnlyDomains OnlyDomains (though the bonding stopped as soon as we entered the bowling alley. From then on, it was every man for himself).

Also, we were thrilled to publish our 100th (!) blog article. We started the OnlyDomains blog to help you navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, and we’re proud of how it’s evolved since. For example, we’ve expanded our tld vs tld series by comparing different products such as Domain vs Hosting or Free vs Paid Email to help you make the right choice. We also provide more information around the local domains in your country, from what they are to extensive buyer guides.

Stay tuned: To keep it that way, we’ll soon be adding a section where you can submit a guest post or even apply to be an OnlyDomains author.

So as the year draws to a close (and yes, that does make us a little sentimental), we’d like to thank you, our customers, partners, and the OnlyDomains community. Your support has been the driving force behind our success, and we are excited to continue serving you in the years to come. We will carry the achievements and lessons of 2023 with us and keep striving for the exceptional service you are used to.

Cheers to the milestones we’ve reached and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Happy holidays and see you in 2024!

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