Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services in the industry, as well as one of the most affordable.

In fact, we rated it as our #1 hosting recommendation for beginners due to its low cost and easy onboarding process, both of which make it an ideal choice for starting a new website.

However, while it’s already quite affordable, it’s possible to reduce the cost slightly more at checkout, using the simple trick outlined below.

How To Get An Instant Discount On Bluehost

You can start by visiting this link, which will take you to Bluehost with the standard discount applied. We’ll show you how to reduce the price even more below.

Next, navigate to the hosting service you’re interested in. For this example, I went to the WordPress hosting page:

Go ahead and select the specific plan you want to purchase (I selected the Plus plan), and follow the instructions to set up a domain name for your account:

Finally, once you reach the checkout page, it’s time to unlock an additional discount.

You can do this by moving your mouse up toward the upper-right corner of the screen, as if you’re just about to close the window and leave:

This action should trigger an exit-intent popup that will offer you some additional savings and/or features on your hosting purchase:

If you click Claim Savings, the checkout page will reload and your pricing will be updated accordingly.

The specifics will vary depending on which plan you’re signing up for, but in my case Bluehost offered an additional dollar off per month, and added the domain privacy feature for free (this usually costs an extra $12 or so per year). These savings are more significant than they may seem, as Bluehost does not currently offer plans with monthly billing.

So, assuming I would have purchased a 36-month plan, this amounts to nearly $50 off my upfront investment, just for moving my mouse in a particular direction. Even with a 12-month plan, that’s $24 saved with no effort whatsoever.

Of course, the logic here is that Bluehost wants to catch potential customers at the last second before they leave the checkout page and run off to some other hosting company. But savvy buyers can take advantage of this exit-intent strategy to save some extra money and minimize their upfront investment—an ever-important consideration for a brand new project.

We have found that Bluehost has similar offers for most of its hosting plans, so be sure to give this a try when you’re ready to buy.

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