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Generative AI is a fascinating technology. Far from the design killer some people feared, it is an empowering and creative tool, especially when the entry-level is reduced.

LimeWire Developer APIs Herald a New Era of AI Integration.

AI is entering a new phase. No longer is it the preserve of opaque systems with limited access. Thanks to scaleable REST APIs from LimeWire, anyone can integrate AI image generation into their websites and apps.

We’ve talked about LimeWire AI Studio in the past, exploring how easy and rewarding it is to generate images with AI. LimeWire Developer is the same outstanding product, but this time, it uses a free API that allows you to build AI into your projects.

Let’s talk about what AI can do for designers:

  • Text to image generation — this is the flagship feature of AI because it’s the simplest. If you’ve used AI to create an image, this is probably how you did it. However, it’s not the most usable process; consistency particularly is a flaw when describing your intended output with text prompts.
  • Image-to-image generation — this is where AI starts getting easier to achieve great results. Provide an image and have AI create a similar image. It works well because you don’t need to craft a detailed prompt; the AI can deduce your intentions from the supplied image.
  • Background removal — how often have you spent hours cutting out a background on a product shot? There are whole companies that provide just this service. AI does it for free, in seconds.
  • Image upscaling—all image editing software can scale an image down, but AI can do the opposite; it can make an image bigger without losing quality. This is staggering to see, and it has saved more than one designer from a tight corner.
  • Image inpainting—AI can easily insert elements into an image. Imagine a generic stock image; AI can insert branded items, like a product, into the original image. AI is smart enough to get the shadows and reflections right, making it perfect for creating mockups.
  • Image outpainting is our favorite AI image generation feature; it has to be seen to be believed. Take any image and expand the canvas. AI can then paint what should be there. It’s real Bladerunner stuff and is a huge boon to responsive images.

OK, so which of these amazing features can LimeWire’s APIs perform? Yep, you guessed it: all of them!

These are the same flagship AI features that Adobe has built into Photoshop, and you can build them all into your sites and apps for free.

LimeWire Developer APIs are transforming the industry for the better:

  • Designers — create graphics, layouts, illustrations, and supplementary design assets so you can focus on creative work.
  • Artworkers — make fine adjustments to images in seconds, just supply your image and describe what changes you want to make.
  • Photographers — make changes to photographs months, or even years, after you’ve taken them. Insert products, change portrait into landscape and vice versa.
  • Project managers — unify images across a whole project, adjust contrast, tone, and style into a single consistent approach.
  • Marketing teams — generate social media images, news images, and even illustrations without co-opting a designer’s time.

It can’t be that easy, right? Well, actually, it is. LimeWire’s APIs build all of the complexity of AI into its infrastructure, so you can simply query the API using languages like PHP, Python, or Ruby. You can generate an image with just eight lines of PHP — and the easy-to-understand documentation gives you that code.

So here’s where it gets really exciting. Not only can you generate images with LimeWire Developer, but you’ll soon be able to generate music and video! Those APIs aren’t ready yet, but they’re coming soon.

All you need to get started is an API key that will give you 300 free monthly credits—more than enough to integrate LimeWire’s APIs with a test site or beta version of your app. The free plan is free forever, but if you decide to embrace AI and need more credits or concurrent requests, paid plans start at $23.20.

LimeWire Developer’s AI APIs let you integrate professional-grade tools into your projects with complete flexibility, ensuring that the possibilities of AI content generation are available to everyone.

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