If you’ve ever wondered about the specifics of a .sa domain name (دومين), and who hasn’t, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to our definitive guide to .sa domains. Here, we’ll briefly take you through what a .sa domain is, its history, what it’s best used for, and more. So, if that sounds like the type of thing you want to know, keep reading! 

What Country is the .sa Domain For? 

The .sa domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (السعودية). If you don’t know, ccTLDs are the domains set aside for individual countries or territories, though many of them let you use them even if you’re not from those places. Each ccTLD carries its own meaning and significance, representing the digital identity of that nation on the internet. For Saudi Arabia, .sa is more than just a domain; it’s a symbol of national online presence. 

What is the .sa Domain’s History 

The .sa domain has been around since the early days of the internet, launching in 1994, and is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to establishing a digital footprint. It has been managed by the Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC) since 2005, and they oversee the domain name registration, and administration, of all Saudi domain names and second-level domains (like .com.sa, .net.sa, .org.sa, pub.sa and others). SaudiNic plays a crucial role in both maintaining the .sa domain’s integrity and relevance. 

The Benefits of Using a .sa Domain 

Using a .sa tld comes with several benefits. The most obvious being that it shows your association with Saudi Arabia, which can be super important for businesses or websites that want to talk to the Saudi Arabian market. This isn’t just for people who see a .sa domain extension and thing that this is local to them, but it also helps in local search engine optimisation (SEO), making it easier for local customers to find your website. Oh, and there’s an arabic version too. If you want to know more, check out our article on ‘Is .sa a Good Domain?’ 

How Does .sa Differ from .com? 

While .com is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) known worldwide, .sa is a ccTLD specific to Saudi Arabia. This distinction is important for businesses aiming to establish a strong local presence. Using a .sa domain can enhance credibility and relevancy in the Saudi market, compared to the more global appeal of a .com domain. Plus, of course, because there are way more .com domains than .sa, if you’re looking for a new domain, it’ll be much easier to find the exact name you want. Our comparison article provides more details on this. 

What are Some Popular .sa Websites 

Several high-profile websites use the .sa domain, reflecting its popularity and significance in Saudi Arabia. A quick search reveals top sites in various sectors, including government services, major corporations, and popular local personalities, all choosing .sa for their primary online identity. Here’s some highlights: 

  • Haraj.com.sa – This classifieds website started as an online automotive store before evolving into the one-stop-shop for everything. 
  • Moi.org.sa – This is the place Saudis to go for almost all the governmental functions they need 
  • Alrajhibank.com.sa and Almubasher.com.sa – These are both websites for Al Rajhi Bank, which is the largest Islamic bank in the world. Al Mubasher is their internet banking portal. 
Website Example Alrajhibank.com.sa

Can I Buy a .sa Domain? 

If you want to get a .sa domain, you need to a few restrictions you need to consider. Of course you need to checking to see if your the domain you want is available, and meeting the criteria set by SaudiNIC. Our articles on ‘How to Buy a .sa Domain” offers comprehensive guidance on this topic, but the key things to know is that you need a trademark registered in Saudi Arabia as well as a local presence (we can help you with that). 


That wraps up our guide on .sa domains. Whether you’re a business looking to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia or simply curious about this unique domain, we hope this article has been enlightening. Remember, your domain choice is a significant part of your digital identity, so choose wisely! 

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