Want to earn a bit extra? Learn how to sell domain names successfully with our comprehensive guide.

Looking to learn how to sell domain names? Between side hustles and second jobs, it feels like everyone’s looking for ways to make extra money these days. But is it really possible to make that dream of extra income happen without taking on tonnes of extra work to match? Yes, it is.

In this guide, learn all about domain names and how you can sell them. We’ll explore what makes for a valuable domain, the best tips for successful selling, and even where you should set up your (virtual) shop.

But first, let’s take a step back and look more closely at domain names themselves. 

Can You Make Money From Selling Domain Names? For Real?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

The long answer: well, first of all, we need to answer a critical question. ‘What is a domain, and why would anyone buy one?’

A domain is, simply put, the address you enter into the search bar at the top of your browser window. If you’ve ever used Google, you’ll have seen their domain: google.com, google.co.uk, or google.de. The list goes on, but the picture is hopefully clear.

Is it easy to sell a domain name? Or is it going to be a chore?

We’ll answer that with everyone’s favourite phrase and say, ‘It depends.’ But it really does. If you’re pricing your domains correctly and selling to the right people, it’s very easy and takes minimal time.

Selling a domain name relies on three things:

  1. Having a great domain name
  2. Asking for the right amount, not too much or too little
  3. Hosting your domain shop in the right place(s)

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each of these later.

How much can I sell a domain name for? Seeing dollar signs…

Domain name prices can vary greatly depending on how valuable they are. Something extremely niche with tonnes of hyphens probably won’t be worth the effort to sell, but something with lots of appeal can go quickly for a good price.

So, we can’t give you an exact value.

But we can point you to people that will help. At NamePros, forum members can help you figure out what your domain name is worth depending on lots of factors, as the forum is made up of people who love buying and selling domains.

How to Sell Domain Names Online Quickly: What You Need to Consider First

You’re probably wondering how to sell domain names fast. We respect that. We also want to make sure you’re getting things right from the get-go, which is why we’ll be taking you through some points to consider.

So, where do I find the domain I want to sell in the first place?

You want to sell a domain, but where to find the one you want is the starting point. There are loads of online platforms out there where you can find domains to sell, like domain marketplaces, auction sites, or domain brokerage services.

These platforms not only give you a place to list your domains for sale, but you can also check out listings to find domains you might be interested in snapping up and reselling. While you’re there, you can sound out forums, social media groups, and online communities that live and breathe domain trading for any golden opportunities.

Not to blow our own trumpet (what the heck, let’s do it!), but you’ll be hard-pushed to find a better place than OnlyDomains when it comes to finding great domains that you can sell on. You can scroll, search, and find prices for almost 1000 domains with us.

Are your domain names worth anything? Value is everything

Tempting though it might be, don’t jump straight into figuring out how to sell domain names for profit. First, take some time to learn about the kinds of domain names that have value.

The easiest way to think about the value of domain names is to consider what someone might type into a search engine without knowing if the domain is taken. So, for example, someone after a food delivery might type in ‘fooddelivery.com’ – but not ‘food-deliveredtome-locally.net’.

Domain names should be short, to the point, relevant, and free of frilly add-ons. They should also ideally end in .com (or .co.uk) for higher value.

Where to sell: your shop window

Not every virtual sales space is created equal. You’ll have to find the right marketplace for your domain if you’re hoping to work out how to sell domain names, with a landing page or without.

We call sales places shop windows on purpose. That’s because they’re the same thing wearing a different hat.

If you wanted to sell winter gear, you wouldn’t set up shop in a town that never sees snow. You’d also be sure to pick a site that will see plenty of foot traffic, so more eyes land on your shop window and more people make a purchase.

The same logic applies to domain name marketplaces.

How do domain name marketplaces work?

Firstly, they’re virtual marketplaces. That means they work like familiar digital shopping hubs like Amazon or eBay, where sellers upload their wares (domain names), and buyers either pay a fixed price or participate in an auction.

At your end, you’ll choose your site and then upload your available domains. Depending on the marketplace you pick, you’ll either be charged a flat rate per month, or you’ll pay the host a commission on each sale.

The Best 3 Ways to Sell Domain Names Successfully

Next, it’s time to consider the best approaches to selling domain names. The following three are all worth trying, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Sell your domain name privately

Private sales are great for small-scale selling, as you’ll be making one-on-one connections with your customers.

They’re also a good option for anyone who’s got a lot of connections. If you can think of a buyer for all your domain names, going private can be a great choice, as it lets you keep all proceeds. It also lets you adjust your process precisely to your liking.

That said, private sales call for the most work at your end. You’ll have to handle things like escrow yourself or else hire someone to help you.

Sell your domain name on a registrar website

More or less the opposite of private sales, registrar websites take a lot of the work out of your hands. They’re the perfect option for people who want to sell lots of domain names quickly, many times over.

One thing registrar websites handle for you is client sourcing. They see a lot of traffic, so your names get more exposure. Plenty of websites also have in-house escrow procedures.

It’s worth keeping in mind that registrar websites may have rules or regulations that you’ll have to comply with. They may also not be free.

Sell your domain name through a domain broker

Domain brokers are a third great option. They’re the ideal choice when you have one or more very high-value domains, as they’re experienced at fetching the best price for those kinds of domains.

You’ll usually pay your broker a percentage of the final sale price – which is further proof that they’ll work hard to find the highest buyer. The more you earn, the more the broker gets, too.

Brokers don’t typically work with lower-value domains, though, so that means you can’t use them for just any names.

How to Sell Your Domain Name in 5 Easy Steps: We Make It Simple

When you’re wondering how to sell domain names you own, few things are more helpful than a step-by-step breakdown. So, that’s exactly what we’ve created here.

1. Pick a price

Okay, we’re not saying to just pull a random price out of thin air. You could, but you’d be very likely to under or overcharge that way.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to do some research and figure out the ideal price.

You can start by having a look at your domain names to see how appealing they are. For example, something like bestdomainnames dot com is going to look a lot better than something like thebest-domainnames-thatwehave dot net.

Examples of attractive features in top-level domains include:

  • Short length
  • Popular or relevant keywords
  • The .com domain
  • Lack of hyphens

2. Pick a platform

Where do you want to sell your domains?

As we said earlier, there’s a difference between ‘how to sell domain names on my website’ and ‘how to find someone to sell my domain names for me.’ That’s why the next step in our guide is to determine exactly where and how you’d be best off selling your domain names.

There’s no clear best answer. It is about the place that works best for you.

3. List and advertise your domains

You can choose to simply put your domains up and hope they speak for themselves, or you can take an active role in getting them sold.

In case it’s not clear, we strongly advise going for the second option. It just helps you get things sold faster and often for better prices.

Include plenty of details in your listing, then advertise it as needed. Depending on your platform of choice, you may even be able to promote your listings by various means, often for a small fee.

4. Enter into escrow

If you were buying something online, you’d want to be sure your seller was legitimate. The same thing applies when you’re in the position of the seller.

That’s why your next step will be to enter into escrow.

We recommend you use a designated service because it simply makes everything easier. Plus, it helps both you and your buyer stay safe as the money transfer is carried out.

5. Transfer the domain to the buyer

Lastly, it’s time to finalise the sale. You’ll do this by formally transferring ownership of the domain to the buyer, which you can also do using a dedicated service. Or, you can give your buyer the details they’ll need to become a site admin.

Bear in mind that funds sometimes have to stay in escrow for a certain amount of time. When that happens, you’ll have to wait for the time to elapse before transferring ownership.

Top Tips For Selling Domain Names to Make a Profit: Our Extra Pearls of Wisdom

  • Research your keywords to make sure your domains are always relevant
  • Research what types of domains are in demand and match those
  • Be ready to communicate with customers and adapt to their needs
  • Keep an eye on your competition and adjust your prices accordingly
  • Check and re-check your prices often, adjusting for demand and inflation
  • Provide lots of details in your listing; customers love buying products they have lots of information about
  • Have patience. This is a business venture, so it may take some time to get it right

Our 5-Star Support Team Guides You Through the Process of Selling Your Domain Name: You’re in Good Hands

We understand the importance of domain names. We also know that, unfortunately, they don’t always sell themselves, which is why we’re here to help you make the magic happen.

With our solution, you’ll be able to make the domain-selling process so smooth that you’ll barely notice it’s happening at all. At least until the money hits your account, that is.

So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself, and see why we’re so comfortable saying publicly that we’re very good at what we do.

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