So, business domain names are the website name in your web address. This complete guide clarifies all, explains why they’re so important, and how to choose the right one.

Ok, in simple terms, business domain names are the website names in your web address. So, for this website, that would be “OnlyDomains” in 

It seems easy enough. But a domain name is more than just a name in the digital business landscape. It’s like your business’ London headquarters, but online. It’s where customers know they’ll be sure to find your brand, the information they need, and any products you sell. 

With McKinsey reporting a 27% year-on-year growth in e-commerce and online business in 2022, your business’s online identity matters more than ever. This online identity and branding starts with business domain names. 

These domain names are so important that Elon Musk paid $11 million for in 2016. Before then, the company was known as online. 

But, what is a domain? This blog will clarify everything, explain why they’re so important, and how to choose the right one. You’ve come to the right place for the answers to your questions! 

First Thing’s First, What Is a Business Domain?

Well, the long answer defines a business domain name as the combination of letters, sometimes numbers, and symbols that anybody can type to reach your business’s website in a web browser. 

Quick detour. Having numbers and symbols in potential business domain names is not a good idea. (We’ll dive deeper into why as we explore how to choose the right business domain). 

Business domain names usually have two sections. The first is the top-level domain (TLD), while the other is the second-level domain (SLD). 

In even simpler terms, the TLD is on the right-hand side of the dot, while the SLD is on the opposite end. So in, .com is the TLD, and onlydomains is the SLD. 

For the technical buffs, domain names are vital to the Internet’s domain name system (DNS). But if you’re a business owner put off by fancy words, all you need to know is that business domain names make it easier to visit websites online. Without them, you would have to use a string of letters and numbers to find your favourite websites. Who needs that?

Why Are Business Domain Names So Important?

Next, what is the purpose of a domain for a business? A domain name in business makes your online store or service recognisable. More than that, it gives your business credibility since customers and people can visit your website to learn more about your business, make purchases, or get answers to questions that will help them decide on future purchases. 

Choosing a good domain name is also huge for branding. The best domain names are easy to remember and clearly state what your business does. 

88% of participants in a Stackla survey said authenticity is key to deciding which brands they like and support. Business domain names contribute to brand visibility and reinforce an authentic company image online. 

A very good example is “” It’s simple to remember because it’s short (only two syllables), and having sports in it references the sports content you’re likely to find on the website. Oh yes, and it exactly matches the name of the already-established business. Winning. 

Finally, business domain names are important because they contribute to your website’s searchability. A domain name with industry keywords can improve your website’s search engine rankings. Great stuff.

Do I need a domain for my small business?

Whether you’re a startup still trying to capture a market share or a growing business looking to steady the ship, you need a domain for your business. So yes, your small business also needs a domain.

A domain is the online address for your business. It makes your website accessible to new customers across the Internet, one of the top things on a small business checklist. Another point is that even if you don’t sell anything online, customers will want to check you’re actually real by looking for a website.

Having a domain also reinforces trust in your brand, enhancing its professional image and fostering credibility with a new audience. 

How Do You Get a Business Domain Name?

Getting a business domain name is as simple as buying one from a domain name registrar (like us!). Of course, you can only do this after deciding on the right domain name for your business. 

Today, domain name registrars do more than just offer business domain names for sale. They also offer web hosting services. This means you can get a business domain name and configure it to your website in one easy step. 

Do you have to buy the same domain name as your registered business name?

There’s no hard rule that states your domain for business should be the same as your registered business name. But it’s better if they’re the same. 

The simple reason is online recognition and navigation. Your business name, domain name, and sometimes social media come together to form a distinct online brand for your business. It’s easier for your customers if each entity has the same name. This way, finding your website and doing business with you becomes a breeze. 

There’s also the simple matter that your business name is likely informed by tons of competitor research, market research, and keyword analysis. Why not take advantage of the results of that hard work when choosing between business domain names for sale?

How do I get a free domain name for my business?

You can get a free domain name for your business when you sign up with certain hosting providers. Website builders like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace provide free domain names alongside web hosting. 

The downside to free domain names is they can look a tad unprofessional. For instance, if we chose a free domain name from WordPress, our website would read something like 

That looks a bit amateur and can affect customer perception of your business. It’s better to buy a dedicated domain name for sale to go along with your website the very first day you start doing business. 

Which Domain Extension Is the Best? Here Are The Options

The domain extension, or TLD we chatted about earlier, is kind of a big deal. With over 1,500 of them out there, each has its own vibe that can shape how customers see your business.

Here are the best options for your business:

  • .com: The most popular domain extension. It stands for “commercial” and is widely accepted across all industries. 
  • .io: Popular for innovative tech companies. 
  • .store: This domain extension is associated with e-commerce businesses and signals that you’re an online store. 
  • .info: Ideal for websites designed purely for informational use.
  • .org: Domain extension for non-profit organisations. 
  • .net: This means network and is ideal for websites carrying technical information. 
  • .me: Best domain extensions for websites carrying personal information. It can be used for personal blogs, personal branding efforts, CVs, and portfolios. 
  • .gov: Domain extension set apart for government organisations. 

What Is the Best Domain Name Length? The Short One

The shorter, the better. You want domain names for your business to be catchy, obvious, and easy to remember. The longer it is, the less likely it is to tick those boxes. 

As a rule, your domain name shouldn’t go over 12-15 characters. If you saw it on a delivery truck, is it short enough that you would read and remember it?  

If you answer yes, you’re well on the way to choosing the best business domain name. 

Should you use hyphens and numbers in domain names?

Avoid using numbers and hyphens in business domain names. It’s hard enough to know which English words have hyphens in them. You don’t want your customers doing the same mental gymnastics to find your brand. If you can’t tell when you say the name out loud, they shouldn’t be there.

Ready to Register Your Domain Name?

3 Business Domains Examples

You can also take inspiration from examples of business domains that have contributed to successful online brands. Take the following examples of business domain names:


All three business domain examples are short, easy to remember, and creatively point to business intent. Mission accomplished.

Healthline gives the impression of a treasure trove of health information. The “line” in the domain name is also reminiscent of health phone lines, which patients often call to discuss pressing health concerns. 

Goal makes the most of the popular “Goaaal!” shout football fans use when their team scores. It tells website users that this website is all about football content. It’s also quite short and memorable. 

Icebox is a jewellery design and customisation business. Their domain name comes from ice, the pop culture reference to diamonds. They’ve also been creative enough to include box in the domain names, as jewellery often comes in a box. 

All three domain names are unique, punchy, and easy to remember. Keep reading for more snappy examples of business domain names you can take inspiration from. 

Examples of domain names for new businesses

With the level of competition in today’s market, new businesses must do everything to stand out. Your route to choosing the right domain name for a new business must be unique and creative. We’re talking all-singing, all-dancing here. 

We recommend choosing a unique TLD that clearly shows what your new business does. You could also harness the power of alliteration by using words that sound alike. This gives your business domain name a rhyme-like scheme that makes it simpler to remember. Useful tip.

Take these business domain name examples:

  • Creativehub.create

Even without prior knowledge of each business, each domain name listed above establishes a unique positioning and gives a clue into what the business is about.  

While .com business domain names are the most popular, the brandability of unique TLDs like those in the examples above can give new businesses a much-needed edge. 

Examples of domain names for local businesses

If your business only targets a small region, it may be better to use geographic TLDs. An example of a business domain name that uses this approach is 

This domain name uses the geographic TLD .london, which potential clients in London may relate to. So, this relatability makes them more likely to value the business’s services and products. 

A location-focused domain name builds credibility, trust, and authenticity. Not only that, it doesn’t necessarily limit your business to that geo-location. Your business can also leverage the location’s local values to market itself to an international audience. 

Domain Name Example for For-Profit Organizations

Still, there may be better options than taking the geographic TLD route for larger, for-profit businesses. You may choose the .com route instead or other TLDs that convey your business goals, positioning, and values. 

Top Tips For Choosing the Best Domain Names For Business

According to The Domain Name Industry Brief Quarterly Report, Q3 2023 closed with over 359.3 million domain name registrations. 

The sheer size of this number shows how hard it can be to pick the best domain names for business. 

The following tips will make that decision an easier one: 

Better to go with “.com”

A .com TLD extension is the most recognised one. Many of your customers are likely to associate that TLD with using the Internet. You can use this to your advantage by leveraging the credibility that a .com domain name brings to your business. 

Purchase other domain extensions too

The best business domain names will bring your brand success, and competition comes with that. 

You don’t want your competitors scooping your traffic by registering the .biz, .net, and .co versions of your business domain name. Get ahead of this situation by buying multiple domains and their TLD variations alongside your preferred one and linking them all with redirects. 

Keep it Short

The best domain names for business are short and memorable. This means they have only a few characters and are easy to type, spell, or share with friends. 

With so many websites around, choosing a name for your website that’s not already taken can be difficult. Instead, consider combining two or three shorter words. Just make sure the result is short and memorable. 

Avoid Abbreviations and Awkward Phrasing

Abbreviations like “4U” and “2U” are hard to remember. They’re also not ideal for business domain names because they look quite unprofessional. 

Alongside, avoid spaces and hyphens in your domain name. These can be hard to figure out for new customers, affecting their ability to reach your brand online.

Finally, look out for awkward phrasing, especially when combining multiple words to form a domain name. For instance, Pen Island is a good brand name for a pen company. That is until you combine both words, and it spells out “” Not quite what you’re trying to sell.

Use Keywords and Make it Brandable

A brandable business domain name means when your customers see it, they have an idea of what your business is about. For example, if you’re selling pet supplies in London, is brandable and shows what your business is about.  

Look Out for Copyright & Trademark Issues

In today’s digital world, image and perception are everything. You don’t want potential customers to think you’re a brand trying to profit off another’s success. 

So, before selecting a domain name, research it thoroughly. 

  • Has the name been associated with any public scandal or negative publicity? 
  • Are there any companies with a trademark for that name?
  • Are there social media accounts available to go with that domain name? Huge for brand consistency. 

How Do You Configure Your Domain Name with Your Website?

After signing up with a web hosting service, the next step is configuring name services to furnish your website’s IP address every time a customer’s browser queries your domain name. Good domain registrars (like us) will handle much of this on the backend for you, but if you want to the details of it, here’s the crunchy version.

  • Find the list of name servers your web hosting provider uses. 
  • Enter the name servers into the domain name registrar’s settings. 
  • Put the name server beginning with “ns1” into the primary name server field, “ns2” into the secondary name server field, and so on. 
  • Save the changes. 

Buy the Perfect Business Domain Name in 4 Easy Steps with OnlyDomains

The bottom line is you’re on the right path as long as your domain name is short and memorable. When you do decide on a domain name that ticks the other boxes we’ve talked about, OnlyDomains offers a simple four-step process to buying the perfect business domain name. 

Type your domain name in the search box, add it to the cart, select extra services like web hosting, and make the payment. You’re done in less than five minutes!

FAQs About Business Domain Names

How long does a business domain name registration last?

The normal period for domain name registrations is one year, which you can renew every year. But you can also opt for longer periods that last up to 10 years.

What should you know about copyright and trademark issues with business domain names?

While trying different business domain name ideas, make sure you’re not infringing on copyrights. You’re crossing the legal line if your business domain name is too similar to existing brands. 

In this scenario, you can be sued, and that’s not good for business. Also, be on the lookout for others looking to profit off your domain trademark when the business takes off. 

What privacy concerns should you be aware of with business domain names?

When registering a business domain name, you need to give personal information such as real names, home addresses and phone numbers. This means anybody can find your info if they look hard enough. 

But you can mitigate this privacy concern by signing up with privacy services. They’ll replace the information with theirs, allowing you to register your business domain name legally. 

What are the dangers of domain squatting and cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting is when someone registers a similar or the same domain name to that of yours. They do it to make money either by profiting from internet traffic or selling it for profit. 

You can avoid this by registering domain names similar to yours and scooping up different TLD variations. Keep an eye out too for copycats. 

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